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The love of the art…
The dedication to the craft…
This is the promise of excellence from Norman Scott Photography. Not simply a “wedding photographer,” but certified by the Professional Photographers of America, Norman’s work has been judged as outstanding. Norman Scott has earned four specialty endorsements by the Professional Photographers of America in the following categories: Wedding, Children’s Portraiture, Family Portraiture and General Portraiture.

Some people say “those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.” Norman Scott is accomplished as a photographer and an educator, having received his Craftsman Degree. This honor is earned by instruction to peers on various photographic specialties. A significant part of Norman Scott’s Craftsman Degree resulted from presenting seminars and workshops to other photographers on “How to Photograph a Bar Mitzvah.”

Norman Scott firmly believes in the need for continuing professional education. There are always new things to be gleaned from seminars, from workshops and from lectures… far beyond the knowledge learned while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

As a Visual Artist, Norman Scott has captured thousands of events through his camera’s lens. Where others see the BIG picture, Norman Scott sees the W-H-O-L-E picture!

Norman Scott is available for destination events. He has been chosen to photograph and has experienced a broad selection of multicultural affairs including, but not limited to Chassidic Jewish weddings, Sephardic weddings, Greek and Russian Orthodox weddings, Albanian weddings, Indian weddings, as well as simple lawn weddings and beach weddings along with Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, both large and small.

In his studio, Norman Scott captures images of families with their children and wonderful pets.

Norman Scott opened his original studio in a small storefront in Canarsie, Brooklyn in 1980… thus The Portrait Shoppe was born. Through the years, Norman has grown with the needs of his clients and with the ever-evolving technology and photographic trends to keep him on top of his game. He closed the Brooklyn studio in 1994 and relocated to his current location.

For more than 25 years, Norman Scott has continually sought to improve his photographic artist’s box of brushes – “his camera and lenses,” adding the new and exciting and eliminating the tired and old-fashioned. The progression into the digital age opens new opportunities for creativity and inspiration that were never possible before. All of Norman Scott’s images are created on this phenomenal digital palette.

With his discriminating eye, Norman Scott’s mission – his goal – his heart – and soul – is to create images with a glamorous and natural appeal, gently suggesting ways to place your body so that you photograph beautifully; not “posing” you, but deftly and expertly assisting you to always be in the most flattering light.

As a photographer, Norman Scott deals with continuously vanishing moments --- once they vanish, there is no way to bring these moments back again.

Do not trust your special day to just “any photographer”….
Contact Norman Scott and set up your consultation today.
Remember always … Because in life,
There are no second takes!


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