Communions and Confirmations

Would you go to Wal-Mart or Sears, J.C. Penney or Moto Photo if your child was ill? Of course not... you’d seek out a professional – your doctor.

An event as sacred as your child’s First Holy Communion or Confirmation (with a loving sponsor) should be entrusted to a professional photographer just as your child’s health would be entrusted to a doctor.

Why would you even consider placing your trust for once in a lifetime moments to a business that concerns itself with only how many sheets of pictures you can get for the least amount of money as an initial investment?

At Norman Scott Photography we care about you. We care about your children. You are never rushed through and pushed out the door to make way for the next family coming in. We take the time we need to capture the best expressions and poses for these very special life-events.

We never photograph according to a formula or instructions dictated by “the corporate office.” At Norman Scott Photography, every photograph is captured by a skilled, artistic, creative and caring photographer.

Your photographs are not expensive, they are priceless.

All prices subject to change without notice

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